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Ten Ideal Honeymoon Travel Locations

You finally tied the knot with the love of your life. Now, you wish to relax after the months or even years of planning a wedding. But, confused as to where to go? Look no further. We bring you ten ideal honeymoon travel locations that will help you cool off the wedding steam. All the places below take necessary precautions for COVID-19, and you need to quarantine as soon as you arrive. The quarantine period differs from country to country.

1: Bali

Bali hosts thousands of honeymooners annually, making this the ultimate honeymoon travel location. Bali has a lot to offer but, Seminyak beach town is one of the most visited honeymoon travel locations. The calm, cooling breeze from the sea would provide a necessary escape after the arduous wedding planning. The place is affordable and worth every penny, making this an ideal honeymoon travel location. Other spots you can visit are Jimbaran Bay, Pura Tanah Lot, to name a few. 

2: Phuket

Phuket is very popular as a relaxing honeymoon travel location due to its clear blue water of the beach. If you and your partner enjoy the sea and beaches, then Phuket is a must. This honeymoon travel location has the Jui Tui Shrine, standing since the 19th century. The island also offers outstanding scuba diving and snorkeling activities, where you are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

3: Paris

This list is not complete without the mention of the city of love, Paris. We all love France and its breathtaking architecture but what stands out without a doubt is the Eiffel Tower. Many love birds go to Paris every year and fill the streets with love. Paris is home to the famous Louvre, Luxembourg garden, and remarkably designed Notre-dame Cathedral. This honeymoon travel location also has Disneyland, which is a fun and lively place for the newly-weds.

4: Venice

The city famous for its bridges and the canals-Venice is a city where partners can escape the hustle of life to be at a quiet destination just for themselves. At night, you should visit St. Mark’s Basilica. This Basilica is an absolute work of art with its intricate designs standing since the 9th century. This majestic Basilica is worth going to Venice. If your partner is a fan of art, this honeymoon travel location would be a dream come true.  

5: Croatia

Just like Bali, Croatia is one of those countries which require no visa for your travel. Even though COVID-19 resulted in some restrictions, you can still visit Croatia for your honeymoon. Croatia is a necessary escape from all the buildings you see in the city. The blue waters, warm weather, and beautiful view make it an ultimate honeymoon travel location. Whether you choose to explore the sea or street, you will be awarded an exciting time with your partner for the years to come.

6: Mexico

Famous for its affordable and lip-smacking food, Mexico would be the ultimate honeymoon travel location for all the food-loving couples out there. Some dishes to try would be Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, Guacamole, and Tamales, to name a few.  Apart from the food, you can also spend quality time with your partner on the picturesque beaches. You can also visit the museums, the beautiful resorts and the surfing destinations all around Mexico. Some honorable mentions to visit would be Tulum, Los Cabos, and Costa Alegre.  

7: Maldives

A country that attracts thousands of couples every year is a clear choice for your honeymoon. Palm tree beach, tropical weather, affordable places for shopping, and many places to visit; this honeymoon travel location has it all.  Beautiful sunrise, warm weather, blue oceans adorn the country. You can experience snorkeling, scuba diving, or relax on the beaches to enjoy a warm evening. Vaadhoo Island, Male city, Addu Atoll, Fulhadhoo Island are some of the places you can go for a tropical honeymoon trip.

8: Hawaii Island

This list is incomplete without world-famous Hawaii. Also known as Paradise- this is a famous honeymoon location due to its tropical, sunny weather and affordable resorts. The island has mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls to entertain your adventure-hungry soul. You can do fun adventures in the day and relax by the beach at night. You can go to a sea life park, sunset dinner, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more. The island has honeymoon travel locations like Maui and Oahu are said to have resorts that give couples the retreat they need. 

9: Singapore

This honeymoon location has so many places that counting them all would be nearly impossible. Marina Bay stands, Universal Studies, Gardens by the Bay are few places you can visit within the city.  Beaches of Sentosa are a popular destination for couples to have a fun time in the water with activities to give you an adrenaline rush and make you feel alive. This honeymoon travel location has outstanding bridges, cruise, and lots more to keep the romance alive.  Night safaris, Haji lane, Botanic Garden, and Esplanade Roof Garden are places you can visit to etch memories for a lifetime.

10: St. Lucia

A small country in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is the hotspot for the honeymoon travel location. If you want a picturesque location with beaches, coral reefs, and fishing places, St. Lucia is the place. This place is mostly famous for its mountains, and its green landscapes adorn the small country. If you want a small calming escape to peace, this would be an enthralling retreat for you and your partner. You can go to Sulphur Springs, helicopter tours, aerial tramps, go hiking in mountain trails. The country has many hidden gems that you will be guaranteed a time of your life.

The world has more than one hundred and sixty countries for you to visit; this is only the top ten. COVID-19 took a lot from us but, it would not hijack the joy of traveling. Wherever you choose to go, I hope this list helps you decide on your honeymoon travel location and gives you a break that you and your loved one needs.

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